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Dimensional Ultralancer: Vulcan Five PCB

My PCB is finally finished however there is one major problem with it.



All the pad holes and vias look like this.  So the board as it is right now is not usable.  I'm gonna try my best to fix it up and try to get it to work. All I can say is I would have been better off trying to make the board myself.  PS.  Don't get your circuit boards made a the University of Saskatchewan.


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I am familiar with a few programs.  The main one I use now is Eagle.  This board was made with the pro version.  I have also used Traxmaker, Diptrace, and KiCad.  Both Eagle and KiCad are multi platform, while I believe that Diptrace and Traxmaker are only windows based.

 I sent the Eagle board file.  If it was the gerber this kind of thing would not happen.  

Dimble, It looks like there's a circle and slash void through each pad, so the pads don't connect to their traces.  Kinda looks like EAGLE CAD's "drills" layer was subtracted?  Bummer!

Curious if this was made from submitted Gerbers, or CAD files?  Did you use EAGLE or another layout package?

but why is it unuseable?