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any schematic design for brainless/no PIC/no microcontroller. avoiding obstacle robot??

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ser can i use dis schematic??? IR%20Range%20Rover.png
Do you know how it works?
I would consider an IC comparator chip as a brain. What do you think they did for brains before microconrolers? FYI I'm an oldschool robot designer who uses no microcontrolers only ic chips or no chips at all.

Here is a link to schematics that I designed that are very simple.


Using a commercial sensor would certainly simplify matters, and I was possibly somewhat remiss in not suggesting it as an alternative.

I suppose there are many ways to do this. The approach I offered, which I thought was a simple and accessible starting point, but which could definitely stand some tweaks and improvements, is only one.

im not sure if its really a avoiding obstacle IR robot

The upper part of the schematic is a circuit for a light seeking robot.

The bottom part is a reversing circuit, which kicks in when an object is in range, as detected by the IR distance sensor. The robot reverses one motor only (the other stops), so it reverses and turns at the same time.

There appears to be an error in the 'HLO comparator' section of the upper circuit. 

Keep looking for a simpler circuit.

whats a HLO comparator?
so dis one is a light seeking robot mainly?? not a obstacle avoiding?? im so confused.. because it use only 1 sensor... :(
This book (http://www.robotroom.com/IRB.html) does an excellent job of explaining how to make the robot that you want.  About half of the book is about machining with a milling machine, but the other half is about the electronics and describes how to make a brainless obstacle avoiding robot.  The book is very readable, but you may want to start with the beginner's volume of the book (http://www.robotroom.com/RBFB.html) if you don't have any previous electronics experience.