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Is it possible to program a pic16c745

So I got the motorBee to work and pretty much doing what I wanted so I went on to the DigiBee+. Got some code off the site and started to play arround (visual basic, steeeeep) but eventually i managed to make the pir sensor turn on a led. On to the servo's. I read down the site 3 times, spent another 4 hours of crosseyed looking at my silly programming (pobably) but wasn't able to move anything a bit.

I asked the guys at pc control and they told me that the digibee wasn't ment to control servo's and it would be hard to make such a thing work. I dropped a tear, sat down and stared at the bot. It stared back at me and said nothing.

But then I couldn't stop thinking about Fritsl yawning and his really short code examples. There's a pic16c745 chip on there, isn't there anyway programming that directly? I'm clueless as you already noticed.

I can still think about some things to do with the board so its not a complete waste....... But would be nice if I could at least control some servos with it.

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Thanks guys, really appreciate your help. Just gave my wife a foot massage and ordered the parallax robot controll board. I'll just save the Digibee+ board untill I can find some proper application for it. Something like a led light xmas tree for all I know now.

MotorBee is still usable but kind of doubling the functions. I really need a new name for the bot ;)

For now it's waiting on the mailman again....... And think over the bot again......

Ok, here's what I've been able to piece together so far:
• When using 'Logic Lab' to control the DigiBee+, the minimum delay between read/write cycles is 50ms, which is simply not fast enough to produce a servo signal. I couldn't find any further information regarding output speeds when controlled through VB or C++, but I'd imagine that you can't get it to operate any faster since there don't appear to be any command functions for changing this.

• It is possible to replace the onboard PIC16C745. You'll need to either build or buy a serial programmer, and you'll also need to rewrite/modify the code currently installed on the PIC. To do this realistically you'd need to have a backup copy of the code, which PC Control will almost certainly not give you, and there's a good chance the PIC itself has been 'locked out' using various copy protection methods, so you may not be able to retrieve the code from the micro directly. Even if you managed to get past these hurdles, you'd still need to do a lot of work on the PIC programming side to get the desired result.

• One option would be to take some of the digital outputs from the DigiBee+ and feed them to a servo controller IC, or to a PICAXE/Arduino/micro of your choice. The servo controller would then drive the servos as dictated by the DigiBee+ outputs.
You could use serial transmission through the DigiBee+, but it would be painfully slow, and if you were going that far you might as well connect the servo driver straight to your PC.
The other option is just to use the DigiBee+ outputs as a basic parallel connection, where you could have the servo move to as many pre-set positions as 2^n, where 'n' is the the number of DigiBee+ outputs connected to the servo controller.

you can re-program the PIC but you won't be able to use pc-control's software any more.


didn't see that comming, any way, you can always replace the PIC with a new one, programmed by you, but then you won't be able to use pc-control's software any more.



you also can leave it as is and take a look at one of this http://www.coolcomponents.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=46&products_id=310



16C745 indicates one time programmable. Any pic with F in the part number like 16F690 for example means flash and is programmable many times. Always read the chip and save it before trying changes. But if it is a commercial chip then code protection will most likely be on.

I cannot help you on your question. But I may be able to help you get help:

Instead of the topic title "Kind of stupid", you could edit it andmake it "Is it possible to program a pic16c745" :)