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My First Robot (Rover)

Navigate around avoiding obstacles

From all the inspiration i got from reading posts by you guys, i thought of doing the same thing - creating a robot on my own. Thanks for the awesome work guys, keep it going, there are more like me out there who need some inspiration - I will try to follow the path you guys have set to explore myself :).

 Ok so i read many blogs here and started thinking about creating one myself. So i found out the stuff i need online and ordered them. I got the platform, gearbox and stuff delivered yesterday - I am still waiting on the PICAXE kit, the TI motor driver SN754410 and the other electronics to be delivered. So in the meanwhile since i was done assembling the gearboxes and the platform the way i wanted - i started out to create a RC version of this robot. For the RC circuit - i just scavenged it from my kids old RC car that was lying around seeking attention :). So i just stripped it bare and took out the RC + H Bridge circuitry - after taking a hard long look at the circuit i figured out the contact points and the way i needed to solder the motor endpoints. All said and done i got a working RC Robot - a precursor to the one with brains :).


i am using the following parts 

From Superdroid Robots:  Track and Wheel Set, Tamiya Twin Motor GearboxTamiya Universal Plate Set - 

From Sparkfun:  

Infrared Proximity Sensor - Sharp GP2Y0A21YK
PICAXE Serial Programming Cable
PICAXE-28X Starter Pack

H-Bridge Motor Driver 1A Ti - SN75441


 The one in the first picture is the RC One and the following are the pictures of the one which is "Work In Progress". Will keep you posted.


The top view of the assembled platform. 


The profile view :) 



and the gear box 


so finally i got all the parts and time to put them together. The end result - my first robot Rover - thanks a bunch Frits for the detailed "How to make your first robot" tutorial.


This is what Rover looks like. With some pbasic (pretty basic :)) code i was able to make it run own its own and make decision as to where to go next. Below are some more pics - now that i am pretty busy playing with my new toy :) - i will add a video as soon as i get time to.






The next thing is to add a ARM based Linux board (that is lying around on my desk :)) on top and use its GPIO's to control the Robot. Once thats done i am thinking of adding some Wireless LAN capabilities to it :). Which will give me a way to control it over the network using my laptop.

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Nice!!!!!!  Welcome to the world of building robotics
Thanks - I am trying to do my bit :)
very nice, and good work, this is the first step.

You could actually save what you have got, and just add the "brains" to it.

Let the RC signals (On/off) enter the digital inputs.

It can be done after the H bridge (simply insert the Picaxe instead of the motors, and add the motors to the Picaxe), or if you are really fancy, you jump in before the H-bridge, send the signals to the Picaxe, and let the Picaxe send to the H bridge :)

Under all circumstances it will be good fun to have the extra option, and your platform has the space for it.

Imagine all the posebilities.. :)

Thanks, and that was a real nice idea. I am actually planning to add some wireless capability to the brains :). So that i can control it from my laptop if need be. I checked the radio chips that you had mentioned about but those are quite expensive and run out of my budget. Any other ideas? I am thinking bluetooth or something that i can interface to PICAXE.

Nice job. There's something fun about building your own R/C vehicle, even if it doesn't technically count as a robot yet. Just having something to drive around that you built yourself. Good luck with the rest of the project.


I agree! I think perhaps we should somehow make a re-defenition so that one can get robot-credit for making an RC! Cause it is fun!

I think perhaps "Robot-aided drive" will make the bridge? 


I'm planning to do a similar robot. When I look at the spec of the gearbox on the roboshop site I'm not sure if I should go with the 70097 or the 70168 gearbox. They both have the FA-130 motor but in the spec motor current for the 70168 is stated at .66A and for the 70097 at 2.1A ??? 2.1A is not too high for the SN754410 ?


That is stall current. No load running current is .66 amps. if you have a PTC fuse it will be fine.

Thanks Krumlink, got to tell you I didn't know what was a PTC fuse...

...seems I didn't see many in robot design I saw... don't know why, looks like a good practice... 

another thing learn today....