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Fordson Snow Machine - 1929 Concept

Fordson Snow Machine - 1929 Concept

Now He would have been part of the LMR Team.

First one to duplicate this in Robotic size will gain my great respect............ (unless i get there first)........


EDIT :- .......... someone got there first - see last two vids -  amazing

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I wonder what this guy:

thinks about all these "recent" inventions...

He didn't have an engine to make his go back in BC Sicily, though. Not all that much later, Hero created a steam engine in Alexandria, but it was never pursued as more than a toy since nothing could compete with slave labor. If thetwo had ahppened a little nearere in time and geography, they could have made a really neat toy back then.

I love the Fordson tractor + model T chassi at the end....   It could be in SteamBoy II 

Just think of the girls I could have picked up cruising around with that thing when I was younger...  Holy Crap,  20 tonnes of them... :D

From the vids of the robots with this drive system, it looks like there's a mode that lets you move at right angles, almost like a set of mecanum wheels.
I saw this a few weeks back when it was on the news aggregator circuits and thought, ya know, this could be possible to do with a couple of plastic  1 liter bottles and some rubber edge trim. The bottles should be big enough to mount the trim and the trim is flexible, yet regid enough to be stable and usable on different surfaces....

Its a shame we cant see the Turning Mech. in detail - it appears to be very efficient on one motor.

Its not clear if it is some form of slip clutch to the left or right drive "thingies".

hey gareth. looked up the steering mech on wikipedia
Steering was effected by having each cylinder receive power from a separate clutch which, depending on the position of the steering gear, engages and disengages; this results in a vehicle that is relatively manoeuvrable.

 i think the drive would have an unlimited differential gearbox and the clutches lock the augers to the drive. turning the wheel unlocks an auger

Wiki explanation (thanks for inpluse)

Excellent - then it should be easy to replicate.

(clutches would have been relatively new around that time)

The Ford car (i think) 8mins into film steered my guess to the clutch idea.

ROFL @2:47 "Horses should not be used in deep loose snow"

And at ~6:30 when he takes out part of the fence.

Last minute is interesting too with it going on tall grass. I was thinking while watching that mud should be doable, water if the drums are tight enough, but pavement, rock, hard dirt, would probably kill the screws.

*thinking* Looks like 6 leads on the screws, maybe 8?

Cool find Gareth! Almost makes me wish I lived in snow country again. Almost. ;)


Couldn't you add wheels/bearings along the edge of the screw to lessen damage on hard surfaces? The wheels could be small, but the large contact area would minimize/distribute the weight. At that point it would be something like a really long omni-wheel...

Must have been his neighbours fence - he does not even "bat an eye-lid" at the destruction.....

...... the Horse quote is a classic too. (must include something like this on one of my videos .......)