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Linefollower robot

So I am building a line follower robot, I have seen various tutorials with parts lists, Its just in our works we have quite a few LDR's lying around.


Thought If I posted a spec of these you would be able to tell me if they are useful, if not I could just order more.


The line will be white on a dark background and apparently I need to use these and some infared LED's, we have lots of red LED's but apparently they have to be infared


anyway heres the LDR's





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I don't know the total spectral response those LDRs have, but they're most sensitive to 550nm light, which is roughly green light. They're probably not very sensitive to IR, if they can sense it at all.
Use IR LEDs if you've got IR photodiodes/phototransistors as sensors. Your LDRs will work much better if you use red LEDs, or even better would be green LEDs.

I think white L.E.D.s would be the better option for LDRs. My first robot was a line follower using LDRs. I used a white led heres a link to the same robot I built. not my video though but it is informative.



You can also use wire a toggle switch to swap motors. this way you can follow dark lines on a light serfuce or light lines on a dark serfuce.


CtC is referring to the link called START HERE on the left side of the top menu. It gives you a very thorough description of building a beginner robot. Once you've done that you'll have most of the parts and most of the know-how to build the robot you ask for.
Start Here
I beleive in your first robot as a simple line follower. instead of using the LDR's I suggest a photo diode or phototransistor. they react quicker to light than LDRs.