Let's Make Robots!

Swiss Milka Cow ......"BlueTooth"......... Enabled

At long last there is Light at the End of the Tunnel (laser Light that is).

The BlueTooth Link is established to my Swiss "Milka" Cow.

This means i can control it remotely and also Gleam off the amazing info that the Wii-Mote has to offer.

What you see in the Video is the first BlueTooth remote drive tests and also a glimpse at the "Visual-Basic" Gui that will control the Cow based on what it reads from the Scanning Laser (which is picked up by the Wii-Mote camera)

Non Stream link (28Meg) :-  Swiss Milka Cow BlueTooth Enabled


Previously Blogged here Swiss Cow Head Laser Distance Probe

and here  "Moooo" Rare Swiss Cow Project has begun

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So many Caps and "quotation marks"!     :D

 ...Just teasing you, Gareth.   That project looks really awesome! I have NEVER seen a robot cow before! You come up with the the most creative things.

Wow! That is amaizing :D Looks like it is not so far till we see it completed.

Mooo ha ha, now I think I know what the mysterious object is. But I'm not willing to tell it now ;-). Great work so far Gareth.


I think the mysterious object is udderly obvious.