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RGB LED night light

Random colored lights
RGB.bas936 bytes

I had some RGB LEDs lying around and decided to make a night light for my kids.
An Arduino was a bit overkill so I went for PICAXE instead. The first problem was that there is only one PWM on the 08M and I needed 3 (one for each color). So I decided to use 3 each of the 08M, one for each LED color.

Then it hit me that I could use more than one RGB LED and get different colors by hooking up the colors differently. So that the Green signal in one has the same input on the Blue channel on another one. Giving me 3 distinct colors all the time.   The problem with this is that all the lights have the same brightness and not fading individually, but that’s ok my kids aren’t that picky.

 The second problem was that the PICAXE random function is not really random at all, it will always produce the same sequence and with this setup I would only get fading of white with little color. So I changed the steps for the fading sequence slightly on every chip so that they would come out of sync.

The video really doesn’t give it credit. It looks great in a dark room and my kids love it.   

The board



I used sandpaper on the LEDs to spread the light


Final assembly



And some ping-pong balls on the top


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Love it! Looks so cool watching a rgb led fade from one colour to another... very memorizing yet simple :)
That is the coolest nighlight I've ever seen. not that I haven't seen an uncool nightlight or anything. LOL


I was considering making a nightlight-thermometer! or you could?! 

These would actually be really cool on a babies rotating mobile over their cot!

oh. like an orrery - with a big throbbing yellow thing as a the sun.. and as soon as I get my gears to work, I'll finish THAT project too...



Reminds me of this guys project which I've been considering doing for a while now.

Maybe you could do something similar as he did with the phototransistor and use that value with the random function?

Funny you should mention that link. I made a similar device to my brother for his birthday based on that idea.

Maybe I should make a post on that to?



Please do! That looks awesome!  :D
I posted some more information on my version of the Firefly.

Yep, I took a look at that, very nice!  :D

I just got my hands on a couple of multi colored leds to do something similar....maybe I'll start tonight!