Let's Make Robots!

The Beginning

So, I'm new here and thought I would start out with a blog. I'm an electrical engineering major at Clemson University trying to get into a robotics technical depth. I've been looking around this site and many others for the past couple weeks to try and get some more hands on experience than I have been getting in the class room. Last week, I finally took the plunge and started buying some robotics equipment. It seems like I have found a pretty expensive hobby. I'm starting with RC control robotics because I am currently in a design club at Clemson working to participate in a BattleBots tournament. Also, the light-following robot by Oddbot really caught my eye using entirely analog electronics. That circuit had the kinda stuff that I'm currently studying in my electronics course. So right now I've got a buncha different parts on order and I am currently waiting for it all to arrive. Hopefully, I can start some projects soon and will be creating pages when I can.



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Expensive? I think not. It depend if you use a microcontroler or not. Personally myself I choose to stay away from those. I just don't have the money for the software. even though I do not have a microcontroler I can make robots that have some of the capabilties of those that do.
I think some of the comments here are a bit misleading - I mostly use microcontrollers that cost less than US$1.50, and all the development software I use is free.
I dunno. The electronics aren't even necessarily the most expensive part. When building a a bigger robot (5-10 lbs), you need fairly expensive motors and a strong chassis and parts that can add up. Also, when getting into RC like I have been, the radio and recievers are fairly pricey.