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Schematic Drawing Program

Hey all

 I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good, free program I could use to draw up schematics on my computer. 

 Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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you can use Eagle
Try searching our site for "diptrace" and "eagle cad".
dip trace works as well
ExpressSCH is easy and works well

Yes, I recommend ExpressSCH too. You can also make your own components with this program, for istance:



If you are just after a schematic to share ideas, and don't need to simulate a circuit or use the schematic to produce artwork for a board, then you might also consider either MS Paint (comes with Windows) or KolourPaint (Linux).

Find a schematic you like the look of, then cut and paste to your heart's desire! Both these programs are simple but quite powerful, without needing the overhead of learning Photoshop or GIMP. KolourPaint is a somewhat improved clone of MS Paint.

Works for me. :)