Let's Make Robots!

Some items arrived for the balancing robot :)

Yay, i've just returned home from holidays, and i found that the package with most of the pieces of the robot has arrived :) There is the Arduino Diecimila board. I just quicktested it in linux and it works greatly :) it has an embedded led that is always connected to a specific pin, so that you can test the board without any other component!

The IMU board arrived too. I was surprised at how small the stuff is. Very small! i just have to find a new soldering iron (the current one is rusty and old) and i'll try to connect to the arduino and do my first readings.

I also purchased this stuff, they're cables with male or female pin ending. They're just TOO useful! They cost a lot, but saves you many solderings, taping, and such. Just snap them and you're done :P

Since i was there, i purchased also some tamiya stuff for any future projects: the dual motor box and the track set. They looks exacly like expected: a little toyish but working :) The motor box looks a little hard to build..

As soon as i'll try the IMU and Arduino together with some good results, and make sure the stuff can work, i'll place the final order for the motors+wheels+motor-controller, which is quite expensive :)