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Picaxe verification error.

So, before, I got the error: No hardware on com 1.

I have tried the hard reset, it starts downloading, and I get :

"Download For Picaxe on com1 failed


Verification error - 0x00 transmitted but nothing received at byte 0"

occasionally, it is "...nothing received at byte 37" 

I get this with both my 14m and 08m. What am I doing wrong?


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So on the topic of giving up: do you guys think if I bought a different board (or the breadboard adapter and a breadboard), I would have better luck? 

honestly, I don't know...  :/ I mean, it doesn't appear as anything obvious is wrong...

The pin you broke shouldn't have any affect on the working of the proc so......

Honestly, I'd actually go the route of breadboarding first before getting another board. I think that would be the easiest way to troubleshoot.


Yeah, I think that's what I'll do. I've pretty much established that it's not the computer or the cable. 
Alrighty, sounds good. Keep posting here cause I'm curious to know if you get things to  work. Also, do me this one favor if you have a multimeter. Do a reading on all of the resistors. It's a remote possibilty, but maybe one is bad.
I only have an analog voltmeter from a long-ago science fair project...  but I'm pretty sure there's a way to get ohms from voltage across something, only I can't find it. Hm. But yeah, I'll post when/if I get this all to work. Thanks for all the help.

Take a deep, calming breath. I find when I am stuck like this, it helps to do things by the numbers.

Check all the physical layer stuff first. Check every solder connection on your protoboard. Verify the power while connected to the circuit. Are you using a Picaxe Serial programming cable purchased online or is it one you fabricated yourself? Check the cable.

Test the serial port on your computer with another device and verify that it is working. Double check when you get this device working that it shows up on the Com port you expect (Com 1).

Check the settings in the Picaxe Programmer software. Ensure it is set up for the right com port and the right Picaxe chip. For the 08M chip, make sure you have the programming jumper set correctly.

You are right, this shouldn't be too hard ,but sometimes it is. Hang in there and good luck!

Thanks. I will go try these tomorrow.

I have also tried the serial-to-usb adapter and it seems to be entirely not working. Huh. So that makes the fifth thing I've tried with these things that hasn't worked. Sigh. Is this supposed to be this difficult? 

edit: sorry for sounding whiny, just I've been working on this for what seems like forever and have not gotten anywhere.  

I used another computer and it did not work, I got the exact same error. Both computers were desktops; I also have a macbook without a serial port and a serial-to-usb adapter, but I'm not sure how to pick the usb port for axepad, and that's a different story.
The picaxe cable is definitely connected to com1, I can check the firmware number with the editor. 
 Here are some pictures (I scanned it): 
it's a little out of focus, sorry.
and here's the other side, still kind of blurry:
 You'll notice there are two resistors missing from the bottom; in the data sheet, is says these are optional fornif you need a 3.3v output.
I just tried that and nothing different happened - same verification error. Still, that would've given me grief down the road (it's a darlington driver). Thanks!