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Serial to Ethernet adapters work with picaxe?

Will a picaxe work with a standard serial to ethernet adapter?  I thought it would be nice to be able to connect it to my laptop via ethernet since my laptop doesn't have a serial port.  I have a usb-to-serial adapter but I'm always forgetting the damn thing and since I'm a network admin I've always got ethernet cables lying around.  I've done similar things with reprogramming dead routers remotely (have modems connected to the serial ports and just dial in to reprogram)


If I can get this to work it would also open up the possibility of remote control over wireless.  I have a couple of wireless bridges laying around that aren't much bigger than a pack of cigarettes and could be made smaller if I removed the case.

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Serial to Ethernet adapter? I'm not sure such a thing exists.

Are we talking about a RJ-45 to 9-pin convertor?

You see them a lot working with networks in a production environment.  There are certain proprietary devices in factories and bakeries that were origionally meant to be controlled by local computers through a serial port but often get connected to an existing network because the factory environment is too hot/dusty/vibration-filled for a computer to survive long.  To do this we use serial to ethernet adapters.  It changes the serial communication into TCP/IP packets and vise versa.  I just wasn't sure if there was some quirk about the way the picaxe communicates that will cause errors or even no response.

Did you look at the Enc28J60 chip or module ? Looks like a good way to go.