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2 pin dual

if i want to put the LED in G and V..... which method can i use to attach them. My idea was to use 2 pin dual female jumper like this one. if anyone has another method do tell me.i will be using picaxe 28x1. MECcab0007.JPG

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On a breadboard? On a proto board? Custom PCB maybe? Using a darlington or the servo upgrade pack for the 28x board? Gotta be a little more specific in your questions.
dont forget adding resistor in there somewhere.

i will have one wooden peice. will drill 2 holes for the lead of the LED to go through and same will be done for resistor at the side. then do some soldering. DONE.

now attaching the two wires which are coming from anode and cathode of the LED to the picaxe project board. my idea was to use 2 pin dual female jumpers. IS THIS METHOD  OKAY .  if anyone has another method do tell me.

second question is what type of jumpers is fristl using to connect the analogue to V.


any ideas