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Picaxe Multi Programmer

I wish to dive into Picaxr programming and that means the whole family............

So my Question is :- Has enyone a recommendation as to Multi chip programmer that will do the whole range .

(ie the 08 to the 40x2) - is there such a beast ..... if so where can i get it.

Thanks in anticipation

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As not all of the picaxe chips have the same power or serial pins I just used a breadboard when I was learning picaxe. Manual 1 gives you a nice schematic for the minimum circuit required for each chip.

In many cases that is just you power and 2 resistors on the serial in pin. I made my own serial cable from an old mouse cable with a 3 pin male header that plugged directly into the breadboard.


You could make one of these pretty easily.

Thats all you need. I bought one of them myself a while back and have used it for programming 4 different types of picaxes.

I also used it for this project where I used jumpers to select which proc I was going to use. This plugged directly into my board and worked great.


You need one sync cord --USB, serial or a serial cable with a USB/serial converter (any brand). From there, any picaxe board with an "earphone jack" and any of the picaxe chips will sync up. All good. I really dig the AXE090 board for starters and to keep on my desk. It will handle up to a 28x2 chip and has a bunch of other doo-dads.



Basically, you write a program in basic or by making a flow-chart, hit "go" and zjink, the program goes into the chip. That's it!

They have just retired axe090 - latest version is a tad bigger

Makes me wonder why the Picaxe developers did not reserve the top set of pins on all thier range to be always for RX/TX and supply........

well, you will need programming circuits/boards and these come with the starter packs or you can buy them separately or make them if you want. sparkfun has a breadboard adapter, though, so you could probably save some money with that and a breadboard
The regular ol' picaxe software will program all available picaxe chips, period. You just need a sync cable, that's it.
Then its Simple and sweet then - i must have got bogged down by the manufactorers hype.......thanks

All those Picaxe chips are programmed using the same IDE on your PC. But those already have a special piece of code on board that accepts serial communications and reprogramming.

The PIC chips (without the special sauce) need a hardware programmer (as far as I understand).

I was kinda assuming this would be old news to you, Sir. Perhaps I am misunderstanding the question then?

Both types really......

The Pic and Picaxe series are like black boxs to me - not one earthly clue how to approach them even (i feel a bit like a racehorse "blinkered" only on the arduino track) .

What confuses me is the wide range of programming boards there are!!!, but mostly for programming single type chips only!!!

What you say is how i thought it should be (re:-serial link) , maybe i had been led up the garden path.....(and the programmers are "over the top").........maybe its todo with Bootstrapping

Consider a Picaxe a black box with another black box inside it.

Or: Rev-ed puts the PIC in PICaxe.