Let's Make Robots!

Zombie Challenge



And the Winner is... Drum roll.  Jad- Berro with Vario


And here is your fabulous prizes

LMR bragging Rights.

and an E-5. place hand on the screen where hand is to recieve your E-5


This is a contest where you may not use any microcontrollers or Ic chips. This may or not be challenging. You can make the robot do anything you wish (example= Line following, obstacle avoidance) The sky is the limit, as long as you follow these rules.


I have gave all LMR members more time to enter.


  • You may not copy anything you see in LMR this includes even your previous robots.
  • You can't use things from internet, however you may modify the schematics you find online.
  • You must make it
  • No IC/logic chips
  • No Microcontolers


  • You must show your circuit schematics.
  • List your parts.
  • You may list the cost.
  • Create a blog with picture(s) and video(s) then post the link in comments. 
  • If you have questions post a comment

Sorry there is no prize this is just purelly for fun. You will recieve lmr bragging rights and an E- Five. Good luck! Now start making your robot.

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Here: http://www.instructables.com/id/light_detector_no_microprocessors_just_simple_el/


I once made a small photovore with two of those circuits, but i never got the small pager motors, i used LED's to simulate the motors turning on, and off.

i Would work if had the motors... 


to anyone that wants a simple light detector, i bet with a bit of imagination you could make a line follower/ object avoider... 

I would really appreciate a more descriptive shcematic than the one provided on instructables.com. I could not figure out which resistor was which including the ldr. I also would appreciate it if you could mark the leads on the transistor. I would also like for you to post the schematics as a comment here.

Thank You in advance.

Unfortanetly I do not have access to the video. But that is the right idea.
It's just showing the light going from off, to on with the shadow of my hand :-)

Sounds if you did put the motors on it would be a classic line follower.

But since it's on the internet you can't enter it in this contest...
just use a diferent transistor lol (i dont even know wich one i used)
Technically if you added motors on it. You would be modifing it into a different robot.

Is a relay a logic component?

Or maybe a comparator?