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Collapse your Picaxe-editor's code

Blocks use the { and } charcaters to create collapsable code!

In the Options menu of the Picaxe-editor, check "Use Collapsing blocks" in the "editor" - tab.

Then use the { and } around a part of the code, and you can expand / collapse it.

Boy, that took me some time to find out, and boy, that helps me creating overview!!


.. And now that everything can be neater, why not also use the

all you write in here
is out-commented.
You can just write a lot, and it does not have to be in one line, Hurray!!


(Has anyone seen a manual for that editor anywhere, am I blind & stupid?) 

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I haven't seen this is the manual but another member (I think it was Grog or Mintvelt) posted some code using this and explained it to me. It's great for those big programs.
awesome! it is very usefull, thx frits

I find myself using the brackets to fake a C style function look, for tidyness :) like this:



gosub letsDoThis



same here. I happened to find this while exploring the options and adding the color mode.