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Creepy Bearduino

turns its head at you with its glaring eyes

Here is a short post on Creepy Bearduino 


Creepy Bearduino was made out of a teddy bear, cup, PIR sensor, and a Arduino RBBB.


I glued the cup inside the bear's unstuffed body so i would have a space for the electronics 


His head is mounted to a servo using a little wooden circle. 


 The head is made to come off so i can program it and fix anything. You can see the wooden bracket i made to hold the servo in place.


In case you are wondering, the battery pack and switch are on the bottom of the bear for easy access.

Please watch the video to see more. 


UPDATE 5.16.10

Creepy Bearduino now has red LED eyes. (see first video)

He had to have a little eye and head surgery in order to install his new eyes

Testing his eyes with a small battery

Sew his head back up and add a resistor to the out put of the arduino

Added a few lines of code so the LEDs only turn on when some one enters the room and when the bear looks at you.

And i added a plug for a power adapter so it can be plugged into a wall outlet and be on for long periods of time.

And there you have it, creepy bearduino now outfitted with red eyes


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Does the sensor allow you to actually track the position of a person? Or is it just a motion sensor?

It's essentually a light detector. PIR passive infra red. 

So after it adapt to the light condition on the room, anything that can cause a large shift in light can trigger it.

You'd need a thermopile array or something similar to track the motion effectively.

How did you connect the PIR to the 'duino?
its runs on 5v and uses a digital input. The input reads HIGH if something is spotted by the sensor.
Haha! :) That's cool! Hope to see more! What else is he going to do&

This one made me laugh out loud. I think I'll make my own but with tracking! :D

 Good stuff.

Hey, it may be more creepy if the head was turning slloooowlyy! ?

I actually did slow it down a few hours after i  shot that video. Maybe i will post a new video in a comment.

Don't let young kids in your house...

Make it scream and turn its head slowly