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JR - 1 (Joe's First Robot)

Navigate arround via IR
JR1_Code.txt1.8 KB


This is my first completed robot hence the name JR-1.  I used 1/4 inch melamine for the body and bick pen sections and bolts for the risers.


The motos are K'NEX motor and gearbox combinations.  The tires are also from K'NEX.  I hot glued two tires together for each side to give it some width.  The tires were "open" on the inside anyway and this fixed that problem!

The rear caster was $1.99 from Harbor Freight and looks super! 


I put the Arduino and the Adafruit motor shield on top of the risers and the batteries underr the riser.  The arduino runs of a case with 3 AA and the motor shield runs off a 6 volt rechargable RC pack.


I added a couple of toggle switches to turn the Arduino and the motor shield on and off.  I plan to add a servo to the Sharf to maximize object detection.  For now this is it.  Next --  a HEXAPOD!!!

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Nice 'bot! I'm using the motor shield, too. Are you not having any issues running the shield on 6V? The ADAFruit websites says the shield should be run on 9V and that less than that can cause "glitches." I'm just wondering how well it's working for you.

Working fine!

Very neat work, Joe. The white melamine looks quite nice.

Like the fat tyres, too!

oops.  I duplicated my entry, The Replicators are in this quadrant!!!!
Thanks!  My wife is a teacher and I had bought a full sheet to make her a bunck of little shite boards for her class to use.  It looked perfect.  Easy to cut and clean and modern in apperance.  Quite strong too!

A lot of guys on here use white board for robot test tracks.

I could of swore you were a professor! Now you're an avatarded kid? Don't you know your never too old to break the mold?

Where did you get the knex motors, how much did they cost?


My Wife is a school teacher.  I got them from her.  She had a large number of them after summer school a few years ago.  They are not terribly accurate.  I had to carefully experiment untill I had the correct variable to make them drive at the same speed!

I got mine for free but it looks like there are better (cheaper) options out there than these!    They are out of stock and overpriced!


I was noticing that no one seemes to use their actual picture.  So I used a picture of my youngest daughter.  :)  Perhaps I should change my name to "The Professor" !