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The Crawler

Crawls along the floor

“The Crawler” is my first indoor robot with a range sensor.

In hindsight I can see that I probably should have gone with motors and wheels, but I wanted to make it move with servos and not hack them for continuous rotation. The original plan was to use two extra servos for the elbows, but then the idea of using only a hinge and some form of spring came to me.



The base is an 8mm aluminum plate to give it some weight and stability. The Arduino is mounted on spacers on the base plate. An Arduino protoshield holds the voltage regulator for the servo power supply and headers for the servos and Sharp GP2D12 sensor.


There is a spare header for an extra servo. I might add something to it in the future.






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I think this rates are the creepiest robot I've seen to date on this site...but damn is it cool!!!
Very cool first robot. I wonder if you could make a 4 legged robot with those sort of legs. Hope it isnt scratching the floor :P.
I like it. It's different. It's new. I like it.
Wow! Nice idea and solid desighn! COOL!!! :D
 Very nice and solid design. Hope it dosen'i scratch the floor. Next step, add more legs. lol
brilliant! long time no see a different locomotion robot!  5*****

Cool idea, especially the fold mechanism of the arms.

Good example of the KISS principle :)

This is very cool!!

Wow!  I like your robot my friend,it's different without wheels. Great job.

He needs a skateboard !