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The Crawler

Crawls along the floor

“The Crawler” is my first indoor robot with a range sensor.

In hindsight I can see that I probably should have gone with motors and wheels, but I wanted to make it move with servos and not hack them for continuous rotation. The original plan was to use two extra servos for the elbows, but then the idea of using only a hinge and some form of spring came to me.



The base is an 8mm aluminum plate to give it some weight and stability. The Arduino is mounted on spacers on the base plate. An Arduino protoshield holds the voltage regulator for the servo power supply and headers for the servos and Sharp GP2D12 sensor.


There is a spare header for an extra servo. I might add something to it in the future.






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Great idea and great achievement

Didn't I see this little guy in 'Half Life'?

I too would like to see this 'bot on a "skateboard".

Love it!

wowwww    that perfect

wowwwww   that's  perfect

Perfect man!! What a wonderful design!!

I'm new here and I'm not very good at programming a robot, so could you send the code, please? And do you really need that shield?

I’m sorry. I don’t have the sketch anymore and the robot was dismantled a couple of days after I shot the video.

When it comes to the shield it just makes it easy to hook up the servos and the voltage regulator. You could probably do it in any number of ways.

Wow thats really cool. That was a clever idea for the elastic hinge. With some life like aesthetics you could really make this robot look alive!