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navigate around on its own using infrared and digital logic

this is my new "robot" fully designed by me , its name on-board comes from the way it was designed , its quite literally all on the single printed circuit board ! :)

it was fully designed by me , from the circuits , printing the boards , control mech every thing ! plans are available if anyone needs them . 

here are some pics , enjoy ! 


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looks nice and clean.
thanks :)
 Waiting for the video. I am curuous to see how it runs with the motors. Simple is best. I still have respect for good old linier electronics.
the middle circuit is a delay circuit , once the IR detects an obstacle it delays the signal for an extra two seconds to allow it to steer off :) video soon of course :) 
project looks really good.can you send me the details
i think i will post them here for all to see , later :)

Circuit diagram would be interesting.

Looks like you use 2 NE567 for IR and 2 NE555 as timer, motor forward/backward by relays. You writing you using two motors, but why you using 4 relays to switch them?

Under digital logic I would understand that you use digital logic gates like AND/OR/NOR. Maybe the transistors in the rear of you robot are connected to logic gates?

sure , i use the ICs you mentioned , the IR drives a relay at detection , the relay drives the timer delay circuit , the delay circuit fires another set of relays in order to determine the direction for rotation of the motors , every 4 transistors you see at the back form an H-bridge :) that receives the signals from the time delay . when everything is normally closed it drives straight and changes direction accordingly :)
Why a relay drives the timer delay circuit? A simple transistor would do this job as well. Save weight, relay driver transistors plus diode...Same question why relays drive the h-bridges.
for the timer , i can , but then i need to do another circuit since i have two outputs from the relay ;) SPDT . and for the sensors ; well i was not sure that the delay circuit will function , so in case i can directly join the h-bridge with the IR i can :)