Let's Make Robots!


navigate around on its own using infrared and digital logic

this is my new "robot" fully designed by me , its name on-board comes from the way it was designed , its quite literally all on the single printed circuit board ! :)

it was fully designed by me , from the circuits , printing the boards , control mech every thing ! plans are available if anyone needs them . 

here are some pics , enjoy ! 


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Thats pretty cool, i like using micros, but when i manage to do something without them it's much more fun :D

Oh, and i see some unused copper traces, what are you adding? :D 

Great job! I really like the compactness and neatness of it! I especially love BEAM robots. Good job. I look forward to seeing it in operation!
thank you , once its ready ill shoot a video .
It looks like the motors you are using are ungeared. This usually results in a robot with not enough power to move around. Ungeared motors spin fast with low torque.
im an electronics engineer , the motors now are just for testing :) they will be replaced with 2 of tamiya universal gearboxes :)! thanks for the note anyhow , i think i should mention this in the text above ;)
I was gonna ask how those were treating you :) Now I know! I'd love to see a video of this bad-boy - he looks really nice and clean.

Don't understand why you using relays.

For the timer you can use the monostable configuration like shown here for instance: http://www.doctronics.co.uk/555.htm#monostable

Just replace the trigger switch by a transistor. Because the 567 output getting logical low when triggering, the transistor type must be PNP.

The outputs of the timer ICs can then directly drive the two transistor h-bridges.


Im an electronics engineer buddy , i know , but that's how i designed the circuit :-) i could have done it in a million ways , i could have even used optocouplers ! :P but i chose relays for many different reasons mostly emotional ! :P , thanks for your concern :-)
Why a relay drives the timer delay circuit? A simple transistor would do this job as well. Save weight, relay driver transistors plus diode...Same question why relays drive the h-bridges.
for the timer , i can , but then i need to do another circuit since i have two outputs from the relay ;) SPDT . and for the sensors ; well i was not sure that the delay circuit will function , so in case i can directly join the h-bridge with the IR i can :)