Let's Make Robots!

Build Your Own Robot Photo-box

Take impressive pic's of your bot with this box

In this walk-through, I'm going to show you how to make a box in which you can take awesome pics of your newest creation for cheap!

With it, I took this pic of this stapler-


Pretty cool, eh?

Alright, here's how you do it.

1) Get an empty cardboard box about the size of a wine box. 

2) Cut/Rip off the top flaps.

3) Line the inside with white printer paper. You might want to do a second layer so it's not so translucent.

Here's some pics of the process-



As you can see, it doesn't need to be too perfect, I made mine in about 5 minutes. Don't be afraid to use a little Scotch tape.

The final product:



 Anyways, after you take your pics, make sure to touch 'em up in a photo editor (bring up the brightness and contrast a tad).  Enjoy!

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Where did you have your light source?

Aren't you suppose to cut the sides as well and use semi tranparent material to allow light in?



You could, if you really wanted it top-notch, but the point of this article was to make a quick, effective box. Instead of having more light, I just shot a pic and touched it up in my photo editor 'till it looked sexy. I used this method for my science project; I now have some really nice pics of my solar light tracker.




And my favorite pic- 


I know, not perfect, but I like it! 

Good stuff, Dent. Gitting the picture right, and illuminated, is quite important on a site like this.

Thanks for sharing and inspiring!


Thanks man! :)
Also, if anyone wants, I can make a more thorough walkthrough. I haven't had all that much time these days, what with the teachers piling on work and the finals right around the corner, but I thought I'd share with you guys a quick and extremely easy way to get a good shot of your bot. :D  Anyways, just let me know!