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Hi all,

First of all Yellow Drum Machine was my source of inspiration and after looking at all other users I have started making a Tank Servo Bot. I have just completed assembling the Tankservo bot kit from budget robotics. Currently working on assembling USB Picaxe28X1 module board (still waiting on the picaxe28x1 chip (alomost a week after ordering). My fellow robot hobbymate Duane (Octobot2) lended me one of his spare picaxe28x1 chip. Thank you Duane.

Will keep posting ...Good to join the group...

Thank you all.Atthaced is the new pic for sprocket and wheel.

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Hi all,

Recently I bought a new mac laptop and wondering if any body using Picaxe Programming Editor with MAc.....

Thanks in Advance...


The picaxe programmer is windows only. If you have an intel based mac then I think you can use bootcamp to set it up to boot to windows.

Another solution would be a virtualized OS, using parallels or vmware fusion(recommended and works great) but those are not free. Unfortunatly there is no free vmplayer for the mac as of yet...I think it's coming out soon. Since I don't have a  usb connector for the p-axe, I use my old laptop with a serial connector.


Thanks Voodoobot..

I have a usb port on picaxe board...

I have to try bootcamp or vmware.... 

You also might give axepad for mac a try, I use windows, and I still use axepad for almost everything, I like the syntax colouring, and the simplicity.


The PICAXE manual 2 really is your friend.

If you read VERY carefully, they explain the difference between servo and servospos.

From the manual:

"The ‘servo’ command initialises the pin for servo operation and starts the timer.

Once a pin has been initialised, it is recommened to use the ‘servopos’ command

to adjust position. This prevents resetting of the timer, which could cause ‘jitter’"


init: servo 4,75 ‘ initialise servo

main: servopos 4,75 ‘ move servo to one end

pause 2000 ‘ wait 2 seconds

servopos 4,225 ‘ move servo to other end

pause 2000 ‘ wait 2 seconds

goto main ‘ loop back to start

Duane S

Wilson, North Carolina  USA

i have read that many times...but if i just use the "servo 4,75" command it will do nothing really...maybe there's something else going wrong. 

i can manage to make it work with servopos yea, but by looping it! 

and as i said before i know the difference between servo and servopos now, but as far as i understood, the manual says i could in fact make it work by only using the "servo" command (since it initialises it and sends pulses every 20ms) but that doesn't work.

 i've also tried the "servo 2,75" "servopos 2,75" combo but still nothing.

Sorry if this is stupid, had not time to read it all.. but I guess you have tried to write servo "4, 150". (If it is @"75" already, nothing will happen.. :)

i'll precise that mine was just a silly try (you know, i was frustrated and wanted to try everything that came into mind). But remember we are talking about continuous rotation servo.

from the parallax documentation: (this is how it would work on a basic stamp, although the code is very similar to picaxe basic)

SYMBOL Servo_pin = 0
PULSOUT Servo_pin,150
GOTO Start

Are you using Basic Stamp for this project ? or PICAXE?