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Walks around autonomous
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Hi i'm from Romania and i am 17  year old.I am in robotics from age of 13 and i will show you my scrap built 4 legs walker.I have started with two old servos and a sheet of TEXTOLIT a very good material because is strong and easy to cut.I''ve  cutted the pieces of robot from cardboard and the transferred them on textolit and cuted them with a little saw.Then from an old spray can cuted with scrissors i have made the robots body .the 4,8 v batteries  are made out a 7,2 v pack and are located inside the robot for a low center of gravity.Also there's a custom arduino shield for easy connecting servos and recharging.Now i'm in making the sensors for the robot to know when is approaching an wall or something like that and turn back a few steps the change the directions.

all comments and questions are welcomed and y  really sorry for bad english. Also check my club site here in Romania

www.gigahertz.rodan.ro here u cand find me under the Moldovanu Ionut name.




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Nicely done with scrap parts. I'd love to see a video of it walking.
Yeah, it's looking pretty sweet, I once made 2 servo walker, had a very hard time making it turn and just gave up after a while.
 Looks good. I like the feet.