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Hi all,

First of all Yellow Drum Machine was my source of inspiration and after looking at all other users I have started making a Tank Servo Bot. I have just completed assembling the Tankservo bot kit from budget robotics. Currently working on assembling USB Picaxe28X1 module board (still waiting on the picaxe28x1 chip (alomost a week after ordering). My fellow robot hobbymate Duane (Octobot2) lended me one of his spare picaxe28x1 chip. Thank you Duane.

Will keep posting ...Good to join the group...

Thank you all.Atthaced is the new pic for sprocket and wheel.

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nice job! i wanted to make a similar thing with my continuous servos but i don't know how to. how did you attach the servo to the gears? (i know there are adapters but i'd have to order them)

(i can't really understand from the picture how you did that) :)

I still think that you should have bought a RED one.  :)


cool, I like that chassis, I saw it on the budget robotics site while I was ordering my octobot.  Did it go together well?  As soon as the month is up Im going to order one of casca's tankbot chassis.  (wife made me promise not to spend any more on robots this month!)  My next bot will be a casca-based drum machine :-) 


Yeah the directions are not that great but it took more than 20mins to assemble (as they mentioned)
:-) Can't wait to see the finished bot!
Nice looking little bot so far.