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[BETA] Autonomus or WiFi robot with I.A with Wifi Camera

Wifi controller, autonomus, gps, wifi camera, mp3 player



Hi everybody (first for all sorry for my bad english),
This is my first robot. This is an autonomus and a Wifi Controlled robot. For now it can move autonomus, i'm waiting for the Wifi components (it arrive in some day).

I've order a WifiCamera and a two axis controller for move in X and Y position the camera. I've order another two IR sensor for the movement and a professional metal structure.
There are one light sensor, and 3 led for the robot status. When I complete the robot they have:

1) Three sensor IR.
2) Light Sensor.
3) Wifi Controller.
4) Wifi Camera (and i can move it with Wifi Controller).
5) Light sensor.
6) Gps.
7)Professional metal structure.
8) MP3 Sound.
9) Three white led.







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The only thing I’m not sure about is the GPS?
It doesn’t look like your robot is built for the great outdoors and indoors a GPS with a resolution of 5m would be rather pointless. So I would recommend you to drop the GPS and save the money