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Begginner robot Problems(yet again)

Alrite so I have my robot made (and hopefully the write way too) but when i go to do the first command in the "First robot how to" guide my computer tells me i need to hold the reset button and do PICAXE>run then let go of the reset button when i get a status bar to pop up.  what deos it mean when it says "PICAXE>run?

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I assume it means that there is a 'PICAXE' menu in your picaxe programming software, and that you should choose the menu item 'run' from that menu.

That menu deosnt have that option though. do you know if there might be a different problem?


The newer versions of the Picaxe Programming Editor calls it "Program" and it is illustrated with the image of a connector (jack). You also find it in the main menu under >Picaxe>program.

And F5 is my personal favourite.

Frits is in the process of rewriting the Start-Here tutorial. You might want to inform him about the changed button in the programmer. Just reply on that page.

ok i figured out how to reset the PICAXE but how do i get a program to run on it all i want it to do is

servo 0, 150

wait 2


servo 0 ,150

pause 2000 -or- wait 2

end -or- goto main


but how do i get my robot to do that once it is programmed. how do i get it to execute the program is what i trying to say lol.

When you have sent the program to the Picaxe chip via the download cable, by pressing F5 on your computer, and the little "Success!" dialog box opens to let you know that the programming attempt was successfull, click OK, and you're good to go.

When you power up the chip, which is hopefully attached to your robot, the program will start executing.

Actually, since the chip will already be powered, to allow programming to take place, the program will begin to execute as soon as a successful download has occured.

so if the program hasnt started running by the time the success message pops up then i may have wired it wrong? alritey then back to the drawing board =). I <3 LMR!!!

The success message pops up as soon as the download finishes. After a very brief wait your program should begin.

Perhaps try a few commands, to move the servo about a bit. If the servo is already centred and you send it 'servo pin, 150' you won't see much action.: 

Have a good look at the manual containing the commands. Manual 2, I think.

i sure will i am going to make a robot page thing so you can see what im doing