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Turning my RC Jeep into a robot...

A few weeks back I bought an RC Jeep at Walgreens with the intention of turning it into a nice little bot. However, when I took it apart and realized that it was all surface mounted parts, my heart sank a bit as I don't really know what I'm doing...

But, I just had a brainstorm that I could hack the remote control of my little RC Jeep and then remembered that Chris The Carpenter had done the same.

My Jeep is ridiculously cheap and just uses momentary switches underneath the sticks on the remote to allow the current to flow through to tell the car to go. My thought is to set up some transistors on the leads so that I can just send a pulse via my Arduino for as long as I need it to move forward, or whatever I want it to do.

I'll be testing the idea soon, I just need to get some power to the side of the garage that I have my workshop in... Couple days still... 

Anybody have any thoughts on that?

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Everything sounds good so far - my only recommendation is to grab some MOSFETs for replacing those switches, they've typically got a lower voltage drop across the switching terminals, which will ensure that your Arduino has good control over the remote.