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Simple tracking project

I have been thinking about this, any ideas? i mean like what components i could use, using radio frequency not rfid or neither gps. could really appreciate help.


Baiscally it should have a screen where i could track my robot within 100m? try to keep it cheap i guess 









It is supposed to be something like a phone where it has a screen and i can see the object like a radar. it would also make me able to flash an led at the other end of the wireless device p

Pls help me , its very important 

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Are you trying to say that you are planning to build a bot that runs around at random and send its wheel and sonar data back to a computer? 

/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

I think what Patrick means is a robot version of a "electronic fox hunt". That is a game played by kids, trying to chase one of them, carrying a radio signal transmitter. The others follow the fox using receivers with directional antennea. Akin the hounds following a fox using its sent.

The electronic version of this game is popular with juniors in HAM radio clubs. Search for "amateur radio direction finding".

This seems a likely starting point for a websearch: http://m.webring.com/hub?ring=foxhunt . Wikipedia has a page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amateur_Radio_Direction_Finding .


Considering you dont have any robots posted, I would start smaller and simpler. Maybe a blinking light on a robot that have a few wheels powered by whatever chip you plan on using. Then add a sensor to keep it from running into things, etc.

The easier way to handle this would be to add a wireless webcam to your bot. They work off a 9 volt and transmit an image to a PC. This way you can see what it sees. Otherwise you would need some sort of sonar for it to check against a map or basic design of the room so it would know roughtly where it was at. That would probably also require some sort of a compass so it knew which direction it was pointed. Sounds a bit complicated of a project if your a beginner.

Argh! this is something very important! i need help.... and i cant have a pc and its nothing to do with ultrasonic .... sigh... and i got a few robots... but they have been orn apart 


the problem with using a radio frequency is that it will bounce off of object and mess up the reading. You could have the bot send out pings and have a receiver with 4 sensors to detect the intensity of the ping and calculate a distance. Then take the readings from the 4 sensors (installed in a + pattern) to estimate which direction the bot is from the receiver.

 For example if the sensors on the north and east side of the receiver are the strongest then the bot is approx NE of the receiver. converting the signal strength to a number (similar to how distance sensors work) may be abel to give you a gestimate on how far away it is. Once you have direction and approx distance you could plot a spot on a screen to estimate where it is at. If you need it exact you would need something with GPS.