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Drawing flow charts

Free program for drawing complex flow charts

It’s always good practice to draw a flow chart before start coding. That will save you lot of debugging problems and the structure and flow of your program will probably be much better than just start coding from the top of your head.

I have tried several drawing programs, some free and some commercial. But this free one is probably one of the best out there.

So if you don’t have any drawing software for making flow charts, take a look at yEd Graph Editor.

Ps. The software is also available for Mac and Linux

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You can also try the web oriented Lovely Charts
Looks like a nice light weight free program, which is always a great thing.
Looks like if you can't find someone else to blame your stuck in an infinite loop. Lol. Thanks for this, I'm downloading it now.
Nice but I have an old 2002 Toshiba with XP. How can I get drivers without paying one of those driver bandit sites.

Have you installed the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) ?
The 30Mb file has it included



Great resources... thanks!