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Information about this switch?

Hey all,

I'm looking for a bit of information on this switch.


Namely about why the 4 leads.

I'm working on bypassing the switch in a RC remote with a transistor so I can control it via my Arduino with a simple pulse.

However, since it has 4 leads, unlike a regular switch... I'm not sure where to begin looking for information.

The tech specs on RS's website don't help in the least.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you might have. 

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Ive used one that looks like it, and there are on each side 2 the same pins.. e.a.  Left and bottom pin (in the picture) are the same. Also above and right are the same.

Just like they've used 2 long pins while making the button that just sticks out on each side

You can often find them in old electronics like cd-players, vcr, etc.

Ah, so (in theory) if only one pin was connected, it would still act the same. I.E. The pins are actually "the same thing" and act as a single pin - just giving more conductivity?
Exactly. Check this out, it helps you understand the meaning of SPST: http://www.kpsec.freeuk.com/components/switch.htm

Be advised though, there are many similar switches (actually they look all the same) that are not SPST.

Thanks Dr. Tuna - I appreciate the help.

Now... I should have my first finished robot up on the site in a few days :) 

I just read this in your other thread: "I'm working on bypassing some switches in an RC remote, SPST switches I'm told" But i never told you they were SPST :D...that's what i've read on the link you gave us! :)
If you wanna be technical about it ;)