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Update: 13, April, 09

This time I added the Solarbotics L298 Compact Driver Kit, the car is now much more powerfull and it is very cool to drive.




In the photo you can see a proto shield where I connected the Xbee, the motor and servo and the LEDS, than the L298N board and a 6v voltage regulator.

I added a small video with some “stunts” ...  :)
I´m using the G-Remote to drive this beast!  :D

I love the way it looks in the night:

While playing with the digital camera I find that it can perform nice light trails:









Update: 3, February, 09

After completed the new motor driver board, now I feel that I am ready to continue with the development of this bot..



For now it´s just remote controlled, soon it will have some intelligence.
I will try to add microphones and use them as sound sensors. If I add for example 4 microphones, one on each side of the bot I could detect where does the sound comes from and make it move in that direction, then a couple of distance sensors to avoid obstacles..

My living room seems to be small to drive this bot..




Here goes my second robot.       This turns out to be the 4th robot actually  :)


I found this offroad car in an old junk and it was love at first sight!
Now i want to add some brains and sensors and give him a new life :]

the steering DCmotor burned out and i removed all the gears and stuff around it, i´ve made a hole and inserted a servo motor to do the steering, seems to work out good!  I can´t post a video because the motor shield i was using burned out aswell, now i´m working on a custom motor driver  ...  (seems i´m having lots of burning issues lately)  :D



2008 - 09 - 12 -----------------------------------

My custom motor controller seems to work quite good!  The videos shows the servo steering  (still processing)

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That's hilarious, it really does!
Nice job on the custom motor driver. :)

Yeah - how is it steering? Like this: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/1469 ?

take a look at the video  :)

i´ve programmed a motor sequence [[ forward,  backward, forward & right, forward & left, backward & right, backward & left ]]

in the beginning it seems to have full power and seems to loose power after the first loop...

after several tests i think the steering motor burned out :D     ..´ll try to recover or replace it,,, otherwise i will design a new way to make this work  :)

You may find that the L293D cannot handle the peak current drawn by the motors. Have you tried a L298N? they can handle about twice the current.
you might be looking at the first video.. possibly that was the reason

but if you look at the 3rd video, it doesn´t looses power and i´m using my new custom motor driver board with the L293D..

recently I got the solarbotics L298N motor driver, but I still haven´t the time to try it.. will do it soon, maybe today

thnx Duane!

i hope you find yours   ;)

I like it.  My plans are for my next robot to be based on a similar 4WD offroad truck style platform.  Maybe I'll get lucky and find a discarded one.  :)

Duane S

Wilson, NC  USA