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Platform TermBoard Module

Vendor's Description: 

The idea of the TermBoard is to give you a more sturdy connection than a breadboard, but still give you flexibility to change wiring. It uses 16 sets of Molex® Terminal Blocks to connect P0..P27, Vin, V50, V33 and Ground and has a standard shortboard footprint with matching mounting holes.

The picture above is the TermBoard on top of the upcoming Propeller Platform SD, but it also fits just fine on the Through-Hole Propeller Platform. It's also nice when connecting un-tinned braided wires - here it is connected to WBA's TH1M Temp-Humidity sensor and a power supply I picked up at Halted:



Anyway - more info on the project page. I also put up a few more photos on flickr.

As usual, the design is available under the MIT license. Design files are available for download on the project page. Let me know if you have any questions!