Let's Make Robots!

The Roach

Runs around bumping into stuff

One of the first ‘robots’ I built was a Beetle bug based on the intractable found here.


It’s a great beginner project with no logic or programming, just some switches and some motors. I think the design is absolutely brilliant, and I’m very pleased with my adaptation.

(Scared the shit out of my wife…)

The wiring is simpel


On the table you can also see the part from an old mouse I used for the shell


Dead bug




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That's an classic circuit, isn't it. Yours looks really good, Geir. Nice and black and roachlike!

I will now build such a robot. His look is very good.

Great to scare the crap out of people with
I built theis circuit as my very first robot, yours looks great!

Now I am looking for my dead mouse again!!

Nice Geir,
Definitely got an overwhelming urge to stomp on it !