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Automated Light Switch - Laziness Prevails!

The Video explains all.

This is my automated light switch, built in a little under 2 hours. Just one application that a servo can be used for.

The servo is just mounted on some hastily cut masonite, the triangular brackets are just glued to the main board with PVA, and everything else is held together with double sided foam tape.





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You should use some kind of rod on the servo instead of string so you can turn it on and off
Then there would be a rigid connection and i would not be able to operate the switch manually, but would have to do everything through the servo.
Add a second button next to the switch :P

Haha, i thought of that too. More wire to run unfortunatley, more money.
there's about 12 metres of cable needed to run around my room like that.

Perhaps when i get my RF remote built i can just use that. [/self advertising]

Haha! That is cool! I have a same laziness problem in my room :) Nice job!

Fastest reset for a Ribe Goldberg machine ever.

BTW, welcome into the illustrious world of acronyms that we call LMR: you now a member of the prestigious SYFLV club.

I imagine that OK GO one would take quite a while if something didn't work.

Thanks for the link Damo!

Yeah the band wanted the machine to go for exactly the length of the song, be filmed in one shoot and using 2 levels of the building... crazy impressive
oh and also be low budget!