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Propeller Platform Universal Adapter

Vendor's Description: 

The Universal Adapter Board (named by microcontrolled!) is a handy little adapter to do stuff like:
  • Connect a SpinStudio mainboard to Propeller Platform or Mobo Expansion boards
  • Connect a Propeller Platform to SpinStudio or MoBo Expansion boards
  • Connect a Propeller Protoboard to MoBo Expansion boards

It's pretty straightforward to use, here it is with SpinStudio Modules:
Note that to use MoBo modules, you'll need a 2x6 2mm pin header (available at Digi-Key). Pull-up SMT Resistors are included, however. An A2D converter (AD7999YRJZ, Digi-Key) that may be necessary for some mobo modules.

The Universal Adapter Board was designed by mctrivia. As usual, let me know if you have any questions!

More info on the project page