Let's Make Robots!

Robo-Copy / theft!

This is funny!

A couple of days ago I posted a robot on instructables.com - It was a great success, went number one on their charts etc - good fun.


Today i wanted to check in to see how it was doing. I did not have the link for my posting, so I searched for "Robot".

To my surprise and laugh, ANOTHER robot that I have made showed up as a resoult!

Someone named "meming" had made a copy of another project that I have posted here on LMR. (my "Little 8" - project) Not just copied, but taken my pictures and everytning, with a good mix of my comments from the original, and some of he´s own. And he´s english is worse than mine ;)


I did notify the moderators, they may have taken it down when you read this.. Though I don´t mind, actually i am flattered :D

Boy, now I know how LEGO must feel when they see imitations like "L3GO" and the like on the shelves :D:D (only i am not losing anthing here, go for it, "meming", post some more of my stuff, I am flattered!)

He actually did spend quite some time, I can tell.. Amazing!