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Balancing on two wheels,


This is my first post to this forum, maybe time to let you see my robotic project.
Five months ago i planned to make a two wheeled balancing platform.
I wanted to make something with a n old asus eeepc, two usb i/o cards, imu sensors (adxl203,adxrs300), home brew motor drivers and some nimh batteries.
And this is the first result of my work: (my kids call it bliepbot)

I had some problems with finding motors.
On the video i use cheap chinese motors bought on ebay. (lot of sound, to many backlash, no encoders).
Later i tried emg30 motors. (unsuccessfull, plastic gearwheels broke on tuning pid).
Now i ordered the 'Parallax Motor Mount and Wheel Kit with Position Controller'.
I am looking forward on recieving the Kit.

regards frank,


--- update 24/3/2010

Today i recieved the Parallax motor and wheel kit.

i like to share some pictures of it:

next step is to place them under bliepbot, make some finetuning and implement the position feedback,

to be continued...

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Hey Frank,

Thanks for sharing in here :) And congrats on making the balancing robot!

Do you have some closeups? I am trying to figure out what is what. And possibly fill out more of the forms on this page (Edit at the top) - More info on the sensors?

Looks like you have gone your own ways here, so there might be a lot to learn from you :)



here some detailed pictures:


-center: the imu sensors

-left: 7812  12v power for the eeepc

-right: usb io board

-down: the L6203 motor drivers



-battery tube contains Memorex HR20 4000mah 1.2V batteries




more posts and videos when bliepbot is standing on the parallax motor and wheel kit.

regards frank,

Oh man, you have mean HW!

The rest of us (some, at least) play around with little toy motors and 4,5V!

Thanks for the updates! Though I am envious!

 You have more guts then me trusting a laptop on a balancing robot. Wonders if it can carry cocktails. Looks about the right height.


Good idea to mount some kind of wooden service plate on top of it.

Serve cocktails and playing a song  "i stand here at the bar, i hold an empty glass..."

Is there anyone with an idea how to scan for empty glasses, got a webcam onboard, maybe humidity sensors can help.

cheers, bliepbot,