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Mirrorbow USB 25IO /ADC / PWM Digital Interface Board

Vendor's Description: 

The Mirrorbow USB 25IO /ADC / PWM Digital Interface Board provides a simple way of interfacing a PC to custom electronic circuits without requiring USB or Windows DDK knowledge.

Simple Comm port emulation over USB
24 Digital Input/outputs each individually programmed for direction
Up to 12 of the IOs may be configured as 10 bit analogue to digital inputs (all 12 sampled within 1 command)
One 8 bit port can be turned into servo mode, providing control of up to 8 servos
Data acquisition mode up to 16kHz, sampling two digital ports and one, two or twelve analogue channels
An additional output provides programmable PWM (2.93kHz to 1Mhz)
Additional input (should be USB 26IO!) allows frequency counting 0.2Hz - 5.25MHz logic level
Port 2 lower 4 bits now have interrupt on change feature
Port 1 has firmware polled message on change feature
Port 1 (of 3) has 4 on board LEDs for easy debugging
Drivers provided
No Windows DDK or USB software programming knowledge required!
Provides an extremely fast and simple route to driving electronics over USB, concentrate on your project, not the interfacing!
Fast time to market
USB powered
Software example provided
Uses standard A-B USB Cable (not supplied)
Compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista 32bit

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Can you tell me how to purchase 1 or 2 of these boards?


Ehren Achee