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Arduino Bot-Shield

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Hey all!

 I've recently been working on making a super easy, plug-n-play robotics shield for the Arduino targeted towards people just getting into robotics. The manufactured boards just came in this week and everything is working perfectly. Yay! :)

In its current state it can drive two DC motors (with power and direction LED's) and two servos. It features a built in trimpot for easy adjustments and a piezo speaker for better debugging. I've also broken out all of the analog pins and the extra digital ones in screw terminals to hopefully facilitate wiring up a bunch of sensors.

 I'm thinking of going through another design iteration before I put these up for sale. I'd love to get some feedback on what you'd like to see in a shield like this.

 Some things I'm considering...

  • using a NAND gate to free up two digital pins (which were used for motor control)
  • add a few more servo headers
  • add another screw terminal for +5v/GND (initial testing shows they fill up fast when your using lots of sensors)
  • re-arrange pins to free up 2 and 3 so they can be used for interrrupts
The biggest question on my mind is what to do with the extra pins? What's the best way to break them out so that they're easy to plug into? Again... I'm going for plug-n-play.
Check out the eagle files if you're interested: http://tinyurl.com/robotshield
p.s. I might be selling a few of these as Alpha kits in the near future. Stay tuned for more info...