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micro controller programmer..

hi frends,

i hav started doing one simple autonomous bot..wich needs some programming.

i got some 40pin micro controller..but dnt hav programmer kit ..since the microcontrler burner kit  is very costly, i cnt afford..

so telme some idea to design some simple burner kit...even if its specific for some IC no probs... 



it wd b very useful if u send some design of burner kit..wit corect specifications..


thanks guys

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"Some" microcontrollers are programmed in different waysto "other" microcontrollers. Before programming a microcontroller, you need to know what sort of microcontroller it is.

We use real-life Big-Boy words here, PLEASE!!!!


I don't know about him but I sure would like a diagram of a picaxe project board done on one of those radiocrack perfboards.  Would definitely be cheaper to build em instead of buying em every time.  I've been planning one out but since I'm used to free-form circuits and I'm doing it on paper it's slow going.