Sorry, folks, I've been distracted trying to figure out how to "kit" this "educational tool" (toy). The Microchip PICKit2 board only costs $23.99. It has a small surface mount proto area. I do not understand how to make use of it. I need to mount my Zettler relay and my TI sn7407n plus a bunch of mini EMS connectors for the radio, the three SRF05's the steering servo and the electronic speed control. sssissshhh!

Today I eliminated the need for channel 3 on the radio system. Which is very good cost-wise. Regular Ready to Race hobby cars come with only two channels on their radios. Adding the third is quite expensive. The PIC can know it is inside a maze given input from three proximity sensors. If there is something close to the right and to the left then it must be in a maze. The first run of this new algorithm showed it flawed. The PIC thinks it is out of the maze when it comes to a corner.

Back to the drawing board. Any suggestions?