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Propeller Platform SD - Real-time Clock + microSD

Vendor's Description: 

"...Ready for your next design that needs a little more sauce than the Arduino can offer." - hackaday

The Propeller Platform Module SD includes:

  • 80Mhz 8-Core Parallax Propeller,
  • 64kb EEPROM,
  • 5V and 3.3V 1.5A Voltage Regulators accept 5.5v min. power input, 
  • microSD card slot, 
  • A barrel jack and terminal block power connector, 
  • Space to add a DS1307 Real-time clock and power backup,
  • 2.8" x 2.5" footprint with pin sockets to add additional Platform modules.  Also breadboard compatible.

The Propeller Platform SD comes tested and pre-programmed with a bootloader so you don't need a Prop Plug or USBThumb to get started. Using it is easy. When your program is ready, hit F8 in the Propeller Tool, and click on the button labeled 'show hex'.

Finally, click on the button labeled 'save binary file' and save the binary file as 'run.bin' on the main directory of your microSD card.
Pop the microSD card into your Propeller Platform SD and when you turn it on, the Propeller will begin running your program.

If you want to include a DS1307 Real Time Clock with your Propeller Platform SD, just select it in the options drop-down above and we'll include one (with the other parts you'll need). You just solder it on and you're ready to go. We've also put together a walkthrough here.

The RTC connects to the i2c bus, using the same pins as your EEPROM. A nice library for using the DS1307 is in the Object Exchange.

The microSD card slot is connected to Pins 0 - 3 in the following order:
P0: Do
P1: Clk
P2: Di
P3: Cs
Grab one of the SD Card objects from the Propeller Object exchange (fsrw works well) and you can mount the card with mount(0). fsrw supports FAT16 and FAT32, so microSD and microSDHC cards work just fine.