Let's Make Robots!

my very First bot - eYandron1

Buzzes around by manual remote control

My very first encounter with electronics - a very simple manually controlled robot.

The main brain controlling it is a Attiny2313 + a motor driver board based on TIP122 transistors. At the time when I built this, I had no idea about a chip called L293D!

It uses two DC geared motors, uses a differential drive (to keep it simple, I made a trackbelt using rubberbands :D).

Right now accepts only 4 commands via IR (forward,back,left & right). Planning to get an IR RC5 decoder chip to expand its functionality (or make it compatible with more remotes)

Other thoughts: On the hunt for rubber.. for a better track belt.



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Hi ArvotroN,

Nice little bot. I also use TIP 122/127 h-bridges. Depends on the motor current. Output current for L293D is only 600 mA per channel. For many small robots enough. I do not know how much your motors draw under load or if they block.

thanks MarkusB. 

I 'stall tested' the motors by holding them by hand, and measured around 3 amps per channel. But I think my batteries are the limiting factor here.

But of course this isnt a design concern, atleast for this bot, as it is very light and the wheels dont lock up much. If it hits a wall, they skid.

Nice little robot platform. Now that you have that, will you add sensors and program the microprocessor to allow autonomous operation?

 Have already started working with a Maxbotix sensor..  Want to use the same chassis but use an Arduino, since its expands possibilities. Planning to throw in some home brew IR sensors too.

and before all that, have to wait till my exams get over ....  :"(

I have a better idea for your track.



you may like it.