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A Playstation controller as remote controller

So, suppose i have a couple of those wireless radio serial modules.. I'd like to hook the receiver to my robot, and install the transmitter on a playstation controller. Now, given that i can make a protocol of my own, the question is: how can i interface with the controller buttons&joysticks ? i'd like expecially to read the analogic joysticks.. is it hard ? How is it build inside ?

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@ El CapitanTuna,

Indeed it's just two potentiometers side by side, but they also have just a normal NO Switch underneath the stick for the click effect.. really simple now that I've actually worked with some electronics. (I've broken my fair share of controllers.. haha let's just say I get tense when I play video games :D)


I'm curious to what the Arduino code would look like getting something workin like this! But I like the Debug station idea BOA, I've got a small enclosure I could use, just need the experience! :D


But I've got to agree, this seems like it would be the easier(maybe) choice for the wireless controller. You could use an actual RF transmitter/receiver that the remote control cars and planes use.. but that would probably cost a bit more, and I'm assuming the coding would exceed just "a bit more" lol.

The Playstation controller protocol has been documented a few places. And wireless controllers seem to work ok. So it might just be a matter of getting your favorite MCU to read the signals sent by the controller. Lynxmotion sells a cable :


that can easily connect a Playstation controller or it's radio reciever for a wireless PS controller to the MCU. In that link there are described "Tutorial" with code examples for the Basic Atom interpretting the PS controller. 

 Alternatively, if you wanted to use your radio links, it would probably be best to have a micro on the PS controller end, to interpret the PS controller output,  translate it into a serial data stream that the radio link can probably send (hard to know, without knowing what radio link you have) and the have your micro on the robot react to the income serial data from it's receiving data link.


This is definitely the way to go. I'm considering buying a playstation controller to have a play with this myself. I have a source for the sockets into which the controllers would be plugged, so no mods required to the controller at all.

If you get this working, would you consider building a "black box" into which you plug the playstation controller which converts it into an I2C device which anyone could then add to their robot?

I tried to start a drive towards a set of I2C robot modules, and it's time I revived it.


i once opened one. if i well remember it had two potentiometers per analog stick but i'm not sure...that would be quite easy to set up, you could link the pots to the ADC port on your microcontroller.