Let's Make Robots!

I liked the look of this

It's supposed to be a dinosaur robot but some of the movements reminded me of a robot chicken.

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Thats pretty sweet. It's also one thing that I'm always surprised that more bots don't use this.

I liked the idea, but not the implementation. It is basically a biped with an arm on the front and a counterbalance in the back. Having a head and tail to wave about is a nice way to deal with the center of gravity problem bipeds have. It is complicated to create the kind of coordinated movement required for a tail/neck though (and this project didn't even attempt to). Also using a tail as a counterbalance requires a very dynamic sense of balance (which this project also failed to impliment). I think that something like this would need multiple acceleration/gyro sensors along the spine to estimate the dynamic forces? I guess if you knew enough about the masses and speeds and had enough Hz you could guess at the balance.

I look forward to seeing version 4-5 of this to see if they implement more DOF and sensor feedback into the system. I think it would be good to implement something analogous to ganglia to control movements along the spine. I found this great paper a while back: hexapod-porcino

Personally I think pressure sensitive feet are a requirement for any decent legged robot. Unless all you want to do is playback canned animations you'll need to know if your feet are on the ground (compliance?), and how much weight your putting on each leg. I don't think I've seen that yet on youtube! (there is a post somewhere around here about using antistatic foam as a pressure sensor BTW)

Good find!

Just stumbled over this one. Great find, merser. And as Gareth said: there is something to extract here. Thank you for this share.