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A different method of propulsion using gears

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.... it should work without that fifth leg..... its a simular thing to the Theo Jansen legs ( the fifth leg only helps to make the movement look smooth)

Without the fifth leg....  only two legs (opposing corners) are in contact at the extreame of the leg Stroke ...... which means it has to tilt either forward or back ward (to regain stability,ie to constrain to gravity) therefore bringing three legs (yes 3) in contact with floor.

The balance on this type of mech. is critical ie batteries and circuitry have to be exact central to the bot to distribute weight evenly.

one way around is to put an extra set of legs (out of sync ) to each side ......


I'm building a 3D printer, and this seems like it would be pretty easy to make once I finish it. Of the three gears visible in the movie, the center one is powered, right? And the opposite side looks like a mirror image? I'm guessing the motor is somewhere in the center powering a shaft that turns the two middle gears.

If you had two of these things, how well do you think you could turn with a differential drive kind of thing?

edit: this thing is giving me a million ideas! like maybe it would be better if the inner 4 legs on an 8-leg system were longer. Or, if I angle the legs outwards, I might be able to make a 4-leg version balance by itself. Maybe with a bevel gear in the center? hm...

Yes its using a paper clip, or something simular, for balance as Geir said. pause and youll see it.

Very cool, reminds me of a crab. Maybe you could try three or four sets of legs so it doesn't have to use the fifth leg?

It seems that it is maintaining its balance by some sort of wire-leg in the back, that’s a bit of a downer..

I'm planing on building a robot with that kind of mechanism, what you cant see on that video is that its actually only the half part of the legs. However I fail to see how it is maintaining its balance..

watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z92MkSeZ5wY&feature=related

Also google Mondospider for more information on the subject.