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Pinewood Derby Car

Rolls down a hill

Apparently it's pinewood derby time at my mother's church again, so she bought a car kit for my son and I to build. After a bit of thought we decided on a 30's hot rod (ish) look, and what else but LMR sponsor stickers ;)

LMR Pinewood Derby Car

LMR Pinewood Derby Car

Tomorrow night is the race, I'll post back with how it goes ;)


We won our first heat, then lost our second. Came back in a wildcard spot a bit later and won two more heats before losing again, getting us an overall 6th place finish. Not too bad for the wrong tools and two days notice.

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you should have made it a little aerodynamic , no ?

Oh, probably ;) I didn't have access to my normal host of woodworking tools though, just a hacksaw and a file for this one. Fun stuff!

Oh, so THAT's what you've been up to the last couple of days :D

Cool rod! Ball bearings?

Nice looking little car, cool use of the stickers! :D