Let's Make Robots!




















New plastic bumper, LCD mount out of expanded PVC, will be acrylic when I get the funds for a heat gun.

haven't made my decision as to which LCD I'm using.


















Graphical VS 16x2 characters.

Encoders will now be magnetic instead of optical.


















Speaker instead of buzzer for more complex sounds using soundGin.


















Go here for more information, Code and more videos.

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I'll add a robot page as soon as he's just a little autonomous, shouldn't be much longer :)

Why is this a blog and not a robotic project?

It's not finished yet, thought only finished projects could be posted in the ''robots''?

The general consensus is that a robot page can be posted if some real progress (physical parts being assembled) has already been completed. This guy is definitely starting to look like a robot, so he's allowed his own page =)

Yes, agree.

And you can still blog about it (and relate these entries to the robot page when writing the blog, and they will show up on the robot page)